Module Oc45

module Oc45: sig .. end
This module is used to generate decision trees from data sets, using C4.5.

To use this module, you first have to instantiate it for a given data type, which will be used for continuous data, with Oc45.Make(...). You can also use one of the two predefined modules Oc45.IntOc45 and Oc45.FloatOc45, using respectively native integers and float as a continuous data type.

module type Comparable = sig .. end
module type S = sig .. end
Output signature of the functor Oc45.Make.
module Make: 
functor (X : Comparable) -> S with type contData = X.t
Constructs a module Oc45.S with the given comparable type as a continuous data value.
module IntOc45: S  with type contData = int
Similar to Oc45.Make(struct type t = int let ... end)
module FloatOc45: S  with type contData = float
Similar to Oc45.Make(struct type t = float let ... end)